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Thug who punched four-year-old girl so hard she was left fighting for life jailed for 13 years

Craig Carth, 27, denied any knowledge of how the girl became so ill – but was found guilty of GBH by a jury

Terrifying CCTV shows three yobs battering defenceless shopkeeper over the head with a baseball bat and vodka bottle

This sickening CCTV footage shows three yobs batter a helpless shopkeeper with a baseball bat and hurl a vodka bottle at him. The attack took place at the One Stop shop in Rugby, Warwickshire. The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS says;- if you recognise any of these scum bags that attacked a defencless shop keeper providing a service […]

How did they not weed this out sooner?

Huge cannabis factory uncovered just yards from police HQ – and it could have been right under their noses for YEARS Three men were being quizzed by police after a huge cannabis factory was found right next door to South Wales Police Headquarters in Bridgend. 1 video 68 shares

Lithuanian builder charged with stabbing to death property developer and his wife found in their £750,000 home

Viktoras Bruzas, 38, appeared at South East Surrey Magistrates’ Court in Redhill today. Patrick and Gillian Kettyle were subjected to a ‘violent and sustained attack’, police said. 13 shares

Seven Metropolitan Police officers arrested after stag party brawl in Lithuanian capital

Photographs of the men alleged to have been involved with bloodied lips and scruffy clothes were published as it was claimed they were forced to spend £1,000 to be let out of jail (file image). 89 comments 12 shares

Winter weather finally takes hold with temperatures plummeting to -3C next week and snow due on Monday…

 but experts say conditions are STILL milder than usual for time of year After one of the warmest autumns on record, the first of the winter weather appears to have set in with parts of the country dropping to below freezing today on the last weekend before December. 200 comments 2 videos 43 sharesWinter weather […]

‘Reduce our burden – or you’ll pay the cost of closing wells’: Taxpayer facing £20bn bill as oil price plunges

The struggling North Sea oil industry is calling on the Government to slash taxes in the face of the plunging price of oil – or risk paying a penalty of £20billion. 75 comments 48 shares

Osborne tackles Labour lead on the NHS – with surprise £2bn boost: Big-budget road schemes also set to win approval

Chancellor George Osborne is expected to announce the massive cash injection in order to blunt Miliband’s party which consistently tops polls ahead of the Tories on NHS policies. 435 comments 1 video 14 shares

Is THIS why you wait so long to see your GP? Half a million immigrants are signing up at doctors surgeries every year

The strain placed on the NHS by patients from abroad has been revealed by figures from independent research because the government failed to look at impact on the health system. 426 comments 1 video 216 shares

We’re adding a migrant city the size of Birmingham every 30 months reveals MP who co-chairs migration group

We must ensure that people have lived here, put down roots and contributed to the common good before they are entitled to benefit themselves, writes current Labour MP FRANK FIELD. 246 comments 1 video 304 shares We’re adding a migrant city the size of Birmingham every 30 months