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What did he expect? Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe claims authorities are ‘biased’ against him after being told he will die in high security Broadmoor Hospital

Britain’s most notorious serial killer had asked to be moved to a lower-security unit in West Yorkshire – closer to his family and also near where he killed his victims. The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS say’s; This scum bag has lived a better life style while being locked up. His hotel costs have been more costly than […]

Worst ever week in the ‘field hospitals’ of A&E: Waiting times hit record level for second week with tens of thousands of patients left for up to 19 hours

The Government’s target is that 95 per cent of A&E patients should be either discharged or admitted within four hours. Last week only 89.8 per cent was achieved. 31 shares

NHS managers ‘delaying cancer tests to meet targets and avoid fines’ are putting lives at ‘serious risk’

NHS guidelines say that 93 per cent of patients given an urgent GP referral for suspected cancer should be seen by a specialist in hospital within two weeks, who will then send them for tests. 1 video 124 shares

My 12 dogs of Christmas: Stockings stuffed with gifts, Christmas dinner, party games… the pooches who’ll have £1,000 spent on their festive celebrations

Emmie Stevens (seen eating with four of her dogs) shares her home in Croydon, south London, with two Staffordshires, three poodles, four jackadoodles, one Chinese crested dog, a chihuahua cross and a pomeranian (pictured together main). The self-confessed ‘mad dog lady’ will spend Christmas Day opening 12 stockings full of gifts for her ‘fur babies’. […]

What should a knackered mother drink this Christmas? Our guide to serving the best booze for every eventuality this festive season

When it comes to Christmas spirit, a well-stocked drinks cupboard is key. But with so much else on our plate, the booze part can cause headaches. 67 comments 1 video 158 shares

Don’t say ‘illegal immigrants’: Whitehall prefers ‘clandestine entrants’ or ‘irregular migrants’ to avoid ‘connotations’

The bizarre term, which risks allegations of political correctness, emerged independent watchdog John Vine discussed how 3,000 illegal attempts to enter Britain are made each month. 1 video 713 shares


Sex education policy confusion Dec 3: Nigel Farge: ‘I’ve never advocated that policy. If somebody in Ukip in the past did, well, so be it, but I think that people need to have a rounded education and sex education is part of that.’ The party’s website stated: ‘Scrap sex and relationship education for children under […]

This is No10’s revenge on Theresa: Bitter squabble is designed to punish Home Secretary,

writes ANDREW PIERCE No10 has been looking for a chance to punish Mrs May – and the perfect opportunity came when her most senior aide sought selection as a candidate for a safe Tory seat, writes ANDREW PIERCE. 1 video 31 shares

Qatari ruling family hit with £38million stamp duty bill after using tax avoidance scheme on purchase of Chelsea Barracks

The Qatari ruling family bought Chelsea Barracks (pictured) from the Ministry of Defence for almost £1billion in 2007 but did not pay any stamp duty on the purchase. 1 video 184 shares

Building a tunnel under Stonehenge could ‘wreck chances of unlocking secrets of ancient site’ after discovery of new settlement in path of dual carriageway

Plans were announced last month for the 1.8 mile tunnel but experts claim it could destroy a newly discovered site which pre-dates the World Heritage Site by thousands of years. 1 video 53 shares