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Hundreds are ‘let off’ for sex with under-13s: Police hand out 437 cautions to offenders in past five years despite crime carrying maximum jail term of 14 years

Some cautions may be to avoid children giving evidence but campaigners were outraged, with Tory MP Philip Davies saying paedophiles were being spared the ‘full force of the law’

Lord Mandelson ‘avoids tax by taking £400,000 loan from his own company’

The Labour grandee’s firm Willbury Ltd loaned him the money, earned through books and public speaking, last year and it is not liable to be taxed as long as the official 3.25% interest rate is charged

British economy on course to be world’s best performing economy after growing faster than at any point since the crash

Britain’s economy grew by 2.6 per cent in 2014, the highest level of annual growth since before the financial crash, but growth of 0.5 per cent in the last three months of the year was lower than expected.

Britain would be BETTER with fewer migrants, says Cameron who stands by broken pledge to cut migration to ‘tens of thousands’

The Prime Minister insisted he did not regret his pledge to cut net migration to the ‘tens of thousands’ and claimed immigration at 1980s levels would stop it being a major political issue.

Labour MP attacks own party for trying to ‘out-kip Ukip’ with leaflet boasting about making nurses speak English

David Lammy hit out at the flier trumpeting Labour’s ‘tough new approach to immigration’ which boasted that the party would stop migrants claiming benefits until they have lived in the UK for two years

Breaking THEIR code: Wartime secrets of Bletchley Park’s female codebreakers revealed after living in silence for 70 years 

From intercepting D Day messages from the Nazis to sleeping in freezing huts, 45 women at Britain’s code-cracking HQ have revealed details of daily life at the top secret Buckinghamshire mansion in a new book, The Debs Of Bletchley Park And Other Stories. Marigold Freeman-Attwood (left, inset during the war) and Betty Webb (right, pictured […]

‘Help!’ cried Ed. ‘I’m locked out and stuck in my garden… I’ll be late to see Gordon’: The further excruciating misadventures of Calamity Ed from the blistering memoir that’s got Labour squirming

Today’s second extract from the former Labour Mayor of Doncaster Martin Winter’s explosive memoir reveals another series of ‘Mr Bean’ type incidents involving Ed Miliband.

Are you calling me a liar, Mr Miliband? You know I heard you say ‘economy will fall off a cliff’ fumes ex-Mayor’s partner… so be a man and own up to it 

Ed Miliband faced renewed pressure from former close friend Carolyne Hunter (pictured) to admit he said Labour knew a year in advance that the 2008 economic crash was coming – but kept quiet

Inquiry into historic sex abuse has ‘wasted’ £25,000 on controversial eight-strong panel that Theresa May is poised to sack

Six months after it was set up to investigate claims of VIP paedophile rings dating back to the 1970s, the Government’s inquiry is without a chairman, and has not had a proper hearing.

Safety fear as EU make our railways go metric, forcing staff to calculate speeds and distances in both miles and kilometres during change-over 

Britain’s rail network is to go metric on the orders of EU bureaucrats – sparking safety fears that the move could cause chaos and lead to more accidents. Miles and yards will be banished from signs