More Labour lies

That’s rich! Labour says it’s now the party of the family: Tories accuse Party of hypocrisy because they still oppose marriage tax break Tristram Hunt (pictured), the party’s education spokesman, said Labour needed to lose its ‘fear of the “F” word’ and talk more about the importance of ‘bonds and relationships’. The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS says;- […]

British Scum bag is Dead

British jihadist Abu has been reportedly killed while fighting in Syria. ISIS claim they are mourning the fighter, who had links to London. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is currently trying to determine whether al-Britani, who was also known as William Hasmou Kaleenack, has been killed. The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS are saddened by the death of a […]

Twitter and Facebook help terrorists says new GCHQ chief

Fanatics using social media as ‘command and control networks’ GCHQ director Robert Hannigan said online firms had become the ‘command-and-control networks of choice’ for a new generation of web-savvy criminals and extremists. The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS say that with our Countries concerns about the “GCHQ”s earsdroping on inicent members of the public and the abilitie to know […]

Three of Britain’s vilest women are all living in the SAME seaside town

Video Tracey Connelly exclusiveResidents of the resort were horrified to discover that Maxine Carr, Tracy Connolly and Karen Matthews are living in their community

Teenage poppy seller left with burns to face after thug attacks him with ‘flamethrower’

The English Democrats are apauled by this terrible assault on a young person helping us to remember those that gave their lifes for our freedom as well as the scum that committed this brutal assault. If we never had a previous incompetant labour Government that never educated this scum which has changed the morals of our civilised society with the backing of […]

The devils in the economic detail

The horrors hiding behind the UK’s recovery that could give you sleepless nights It is not just ghouls, goblins and vampires that could send a chill down your spine this Halloween night. We reveal the data about our finances that is just as scary. 293 comments 1 video 87 shares

The big-screen Queen

 Speaker under fire for ‘tacky’ plan to mark record reign by beaming her over live video-link to Westminster crowd Speaker John Bercow plans to pay tribute to Her Majesty by beaming her over a live video-link to a crowd in Westminster to mark the day when she becomes the longest serving British monarch. 263 comments […]

Botham hits RSPB ‘dictators’ for SIX!

 Cricket legend savages charity for spending donated millions on TV ads and a £56m pension deficit while ‘forgetting the birds’ These days Sir Ian Botham gets his sporting pleasure in a rather different way – as a committed countryman and he is highly critical of the way that the bird charity is run.

National Trust loophole that means English pay 50 per cent more than Scots

The National Trust in England charges its members almost 50 per cent more to join compared with its sister body in Scotland – and almost six times the fee in some other countries. 400 comments 1 video 394 shares National Trust loophole that means English pay 50% more than Scots

Jihadis scum bag

All jihadis are h*****…but let me stay in UK: Astonishing human rights demand by Al Qaeda operative due for release from British jail Internet jihadi Younes Tsouli, 31, who called himself ‘********’, was jailed for 16 years in 2007 and rearrested last year after prison officials found a copy of an Al Qaeda magazine in […]