In the General Election, as I told Russia Today in this interview click here >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzrCSDkjIac&feature=youtu.be, I think UKIP missed their historic opportunity. UKIP’s leadership should have known, from the work of Professors Matthew Goodwin and Rob Ford, in their book “Revolt on the Right”, that UKIP’s best opportunity was to move into being English […]


HOW FAIRLY WILL CAMERON’S IN/OUT EU REFERENDUM BE CONDUCTED? I notice that in the last few days we have had a number of articles from the Europhiliac media, like the Times Leader on Tuesday May 19th, talking up the prospect of having the In/Out Referendum next year, probably next May.The noteworthy fact is that it […]

Let’s give this shyster a shiner

Says RICHARD LITTLEJOHN; after Government finally acts against Left-wing law firms making ‘war crimes’ allegations against blameless British troops By RICHARD LITTLEJOHN FOR THE DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED: 01:42, 3 March 2015 | UPDATED: 06:49, 3 March 2015 Hallelujah! The Ministry of Defense is seeking to have Phil Shiner (pictured), founder of Birmingham-based Public Interest Lawyers, struck […]

Labour’s Lord Owen own goal over tax avoidance as he is ordered to repay £50,000 after investigation by HMRC

Lord Owen has been ordered to repay around £50,000 after an investigation by the tax authorities. He is a supporter of Mr Miliband and last year he gave £7,500 to the Labour party. The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS say’s; the problem with these Lords and MP’s is that they are excellent at receiving public cash but not […]

Fix Parliament or it will close, says Bercow: Speaker warns Palace of Westminster needs £3bn in repairs or it will shut within 20 years

John Bercow said it would be a ‘huge pity’ if MPs had to ‘abandon the site’, but that keeping the house ‘fit for purpose’ would require a ‘not inconsequential sum of public money’.   The Houses of Parliament may have to be abandoned if £3billion repairs are not done, the Commons Speaker warned last night. […]

The licence fee is not dead, BBC boss insists: Director-general on collision course with MPs over comments

BBC Director-general Lord Tony Hall has said he believes the licence fee ‘has got at least another ten years in it’, adding that even if the fee is axed, he said it should be replaced by an equivalent charge. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2976674/The-licence-fee-not-dead-BBC-boss-insists-Director-general-collision-course-MPs-comments.html

Landmark EU ruling to cut plastic bag use by 80%: Countries set deadline of 2025 to meet target through charges or bans

The EU decision represents a victory for Daily Mail readers and the ‘Banish the Bags’ campaign, which launched in February 2008 with the backing of groups including the National Trust. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2976591/Landmark-EU-ruling-cut-plastic-bag-use-80-Countries-set-deadline-2025-meet-target-charges-bans.html

Foreign aid budget to outstrip defence by 2031 if spending changes continue under successive governments 

The research conducted by the House of Commons Library comes after David Cameron dismissed concerns raised by the head of the US Army about the impact of cuts on the capacity of British forces. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2976713/Foreign-aid-budget-outstrip-defence-2031-spending-changes-continue-successive-governments.html

Prove you are not a criminal to live in UK

Migrants will have to prove they have not committed offence in past decade under new laws to tightened borders  Foreigners from outside the EU will be forced to provide a criminal records certificate from their home country before being given a visa to enter the UK, the Mail can reveal. The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS say’s; In […]

6 things we learnt from the weekend polls

09:51, 22 February 2015 By Martin Belam Youth unemployment, racism, and the suprising number of Ukippers who like investing in wine It’s the weekend, so everybody is publishing their polls. We’ve looked a little bit deeper into the data for you to find six things that stand out. 1. The two main parties are still […]