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Revealed: How our globe-trotting MPs went on trips worth £125,000 to 35 different countries

From left: Labour’s Simon Danczuk and Ivan Lewis, and Tory Graham Brady

Globetrotting Greater Manchester MPs have been on £125,000 worth of foreign trips over the current parliament, the M.E.N. can reveal – while Rochdale’s Simon Danczukis the top media earner.

Labour’s Mr Danczuk has earned more from newspapers and publishing since the summer than any other MP has in five years, including hundreds of pounds for articles attacking his own party.

The M.E.N. trawled through parliament’s register of interests from 2010 to this month to see exactly what our MPs have declared.

Between them they have visited 35 different countries – usually for conferences or fact-finding missions – including Taiwan, Azerbaijan, the Cayman Islands and Thailand.

Labour’s Ivan Lewis is the most-travelled in his role as shadow international development secretary, while Tory MP Graham Brady went on the single most expensive trip – an £8,600 visit to Grand Cayman.

He told the MEN that it was to discuss governance issues such as tax transparency.

He also accepted two days at the Caton Hall estate in Derbsyhire – worth a total of £1,650 – from the British Shooting and Conservation Association, which he said was an event ‘to educate MPs’.


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Manchester pubs of the past: 44 more images of city hostelries

Last week we brought you an evocative collection of photographs showing Manchester pubs from the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Some of them were long gone, others were still thriving – and it proved hugely popular among readers.

So we’ve had another delve into Manchester Council’s local image archives to bring you even more nostalgic shots of pubs right across Manchester.

Some you’ll recognise as still being around, some you’ll remember from not so long ago and others are now long gone.

Click through the gallery above to take a trip back in time.

The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS say’s; Lets remember are Culture and Heritage where are communities came together!

If you have your own pictures or memories of pubs you can drop us an email on website@men-news.co.uk

Look at our first image collection of pubs from the past here .

And see just a few of our guides to the Manchester pub scene here:


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Labour MP claims his party would win his seat even its candidate was a ‘raving alcoholic sex paedophile’

Austin Mitchell 
Labour MP for Great Grimsby

Austin Mitchell claimed there was ‘no chance’ Labour will lose Great Grimsby, where he is standing down after four decades as MP.


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What a Fuhrer-ore: Plan to call a road in Cornwall ‘H….. Walk’ has been axed after flood of complaints 

The seaside town of Mevagissey in Cornwall has dropped the plans to call a road H….. Walk after it attracted widespread condemnation.

The Jewish community of Cornwall, branded their plans ‘ludicrous’ and said he was ‘astonished and perplexed as to why anyone in this day and age would put up a sign like that’.

But the council maintained that the sign was named after an over-officious 1930s park-keeper, and that the area – once called Cliff Park – had been referred to as Hitlers Walk ever since.

Liberal Democrat MP for St Austell and Newquay, Stephen Gilbert, said: ‘This plan has caused huge offence to many people as well as attracting national and international condemnation and coming on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps it couldn’t have been more insensitive.

‘I’m pleased that the parish council have abandoned the plan and I am sure that sentiment will be shared by everyone whose family, like mine, fought against the Nazis and all those who rightly remain horrified at the mass extermination of Jewish people, disabled people, gay people and others that Hitler is responsible for.

‘Respect, humanity and decency has prevailed at the Parish Council and the plan has gone where it belongs, in the bin.’

John Daniel, a councillor who supported the sign, reportedly told the Telegraph: ‘The name goes back to a time before the war when whoever was in the charged of the park was a bit authoritarian. It’s not offensive, it’s just what local people call it.’

The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS say’s; Thou the issues raised are such a tragedy abroad, lets not yet forget again, the forgotten English people that where also murdered during these World Wars, are Country heritage and Culture also scarred by bombings that these Scumbags created.

Thou the Council’s arguments are arguable, it should be obvious what issue’s this would cause and their is just as many English names that could have been put their !

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2963551/What-Fuhrer-ore-Plan-call-road-Cornwall-Hitler-s-Walk-axed-flood-complaints.html#ixzz3STUVh4me
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Town hall chief makes £105,000 running council in Essex – from her Cyprus home 2,000 miles away

Jo-Anne Ireland emigrated to the sun-kissed Mediterranean isle in December, but has remained in her post through an arrangement lambasted as ‘bizarre beyond belief’ and an ‘absolute scandal’. The 43-year-old is conducting business via email, phone calls and video conferences from her home 2,000 miles from Brentwood’s town hall – but critics say that is ‘not good enough’ for someone in charge of a £60 million-a-year budget. Last night, Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles said councils should not ‘subsidise Club Med lifestyle choices’ and accused the Labour-Lib Dem coalition running the council of being ‘shambolic and clearly out of their depth’.


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After a glittering week for Britain’s economy, former Labour minister on how nay-sayers Miliband and Balls have called it wrong, wrong, wrong

Ed Miliband and his team made nightmare predictions and called it wrong on the economy time and time again, SAYS LORD DIGBY JONES.


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John Bercow charges £177 for a 4-mile limo ride between Parliament and Euston… which cost more than his train fare to Lancaster

Mr Bercow, who has been repeatedly criticised for his jet-set lifestyle, embarking on globe-trotting trips funded by the taxpayer, has…

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2963433/UK-ebola-nurse-probed-claims-hid-illness-officials-returning-Africa.html#ixzz3STOD5cRo
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UK ebola nurse probed over claims she hid illness from officials after returning from Africa 

Pauline Cafferkey, who spent almost a month in an isolation unit in London earlier this year while her life hung in the balance, is one of five medics being investigated.

The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS say’s; What is wrong with these stupid people that think they are going abroad to help people to bring the disease back to kill people at home starting with their friends and family! They are just as bad as an “ISIS” terrorist coming back to this Country!


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MPs in battle to halt ‘femicide’ of unborn girls: Campaigners say practice of terminating pregnancies if baby is female is established in some ethnic communities 

Tory MP Fiona Bruce has tabled an amendment to the Serious Crime Bill to ‘put beyond doubt’ that ‘femicide’ should be a prosecutable offence for doctors in the UK to abort a baby of basis of gender.

The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS say’s; such practices our against “OUR” Culture and Believes and should obviously already be an illegal !


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Victory for MoS as police power to spy on reporters is cut: They can’t use terror laws to hack phones – and must get permission from a judge 

The Home Office is to issue new instructions to police forces requiring them to seek authorisation from a judge before they can gain access to journalists’ phone records and communications data.

The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS say’s; good, another spanner in the works from being a “police state”.