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Manchester pubs of the past: 44 more images of city hostelries

Last week we brought you an evocative collection of photographs showing Manchester pubs from the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Some of them were long gone, others were still thriving – and it proved hugely popular among readers.

So we’ve had another delve into Manchester Council’s local image archives to bring you even more nostalgic shots of pubs right across Manchester.

Some you’ll recognise as still being around, some you’ll remember from not so long ago and others are now long gone.

Click through the gallery above to take a trip back in time.

The ENGLISH DEMOCRATS say’s; Lets remember are Culture and Heritage where are communities came together!

If you have your own pictures or memories of pubs you can drop us an email on website@men-news.co.uk

Look at our first image collection of pubs from the past here .

And see just a few of our guides to the Manchester pub scene here:


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