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Why was a convicted killer allowed to walk into the UK and murder our little girl? Parents of Alice Gross hit out at Britain’s border controls

Rosalind Hodgkiss, Jose Gross and daughter Nina demanded to know why Arnis Zalkalns (bottom right) was allowed to walk into Britain in 2007 despite being a convicted killer. It came as Police revealed the damning evidence which would have been used to prosecute the Latvian for the murder of Alice Grosas (left and bottom right). A Metropolitan Police detective said the evidence ‘points firmly’ to Zalkalns – who was later found dead in a woodland – being responsible for Alice’s abduction and her death. Shocking pictures show a bike wheel (top right) and logs (top centre) used to weigh down her body on the bed of the River Brent (bottom centre) near her home in Hanwell, west London – and a smashed iPhone case belonging to Alice (bottom) which was found outside the killer’s home.


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